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Tailored to Our Clients Specific Needs

Operating primarily as a private equity, we are able to leverage on our investment expertise to position the needs of our clients specifically to their goals. We specialise in positioning your firm to meet the needs of private equity funds, corporates and private investors.

raising capital

Raising Capital

Execution of fund-raising processes for clients including the development of the equity story, selection of potential providers of capital, and full support during the capital raising process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Execution of mergers and acquisitions for clients, including definition of the transaction rationale, management of the acquisition process and due diligence aspects of the deal, and support in negotiation with the sellers for a successful closing of the transaction

buy and sell

Buy & Sell Side Advisory

Work Together Throughout A-Z Process

Sale of a company/non-core subsidiary to a strategic buyer or private equity investor

Acquiring small-to-mid market companies for business expansion

Acquiring shares in a private company owned by investors/founders

Development of the equity story and marketing materials

Management of the transaction process and support in negotiation till successful closing

raising capital

Business Valuation

A valuation of a business is necessary at many different stages of a business.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales
Business Valuation is necessary to negotiate a merger, acquisition, or sale, so the interested parties can obtain the best fair market price.

Funding And Financing
When negotiating with banks, venture capitalists or other prospective investors, an objective valuation will help in raising capital.

Partner Buyout
When it comes to valuing a partner’s stake in the business, valuation of the business as a whole is the first step. The next big question is how to allocate this business value among the partners.

Buy/Sell Agreements
If you are in a partnership or LLC, a buy/sell agreement between principals can help to avoid future disputes. A mutually agreed upon value is the starting point for an agreement that is acceptable to all parties.

Our Approach To Valuing A Business

income approach

Income Approach

The income approach is generally the most common business valuation method for closely held businesses. This approach is a general way of determining a value indication of a business, business ownership interest, or security. Commonly used methods are Discounted Cash Flow and Capitalization of Earnings

Market Comparable Approach

Market Comparable Approach

The market approach considers the implied pricing in third-party transactions of comparable businesses or assets. The market approach is most applicable to highly homogeneous assets or businesses for which a ready market exists.

cost approach

Cost Approach

You can use the asset approach to determine a value indication of a business’s assets and/or equity interest. This method is based directly on the value of the assets of the business less liabilities.

Our Portfolio

Year 2020

Business Nature: Provision of human resources services through its proprietary SAAS solution.
Service: Fundraising – Successfully raised RM5m from venture capitalist.

Business Nature: Cosmetic manufacturer.
Service: Fundraising – Successfully raised RM1.5m from private investors.

Year 2019

Business Nature: Boxing Studio.
Service: Fundraising – Developed investment strategy, term sheet and support in negotiation with potential investors.

Business Nature: Agency that monitors news and ads.
Service: Produced a business valuation report to support a business owner during the sale of his business to a private equity firm.

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We are always keen to explore investment opportunities. If you happen to be a advisor, accountant, lawyer or business founder with an opportunity, feel free to reach out to us.

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